Fooman Speedster

In our last post we looked at increasing page speed and its importance on the World Wide Web. So in a natural progression from that we’re looking at how to increase page speed on the Magento platform.

At first glance you might think that there is little that we can do to speed Magento’s load time short of increasing the power of the server that the site is hosted on. But in actuality the changes that we recommended in our last post are just as applicable here. But there is one big piece of good news, someone has already done the hard work for you!

How can this be you might ask? Well there’s a handy little extension called Fooman Speedster that will automatically compress or minify both your Javascript and CSS files in what will provide a massive boost to your site’s page speed. Best of all setting up the extension is remarkably easy.  Let’s take a look.

To begin you need to download the extension from Installation is pretty straightforward through Magento Connect.

If you’re using Magento Connect 2.0 then you’ll need to make sure that both the file /lib/minify/m.php and the containing folder are writeable. The same should also be true of /var/minifycache.

And then you’re pretty much done with your changes and your Magento site will load much faster than it did before due to reduced file size. If you’ve got Magento then there is no reason not to install Fooman Speedster, so give it a go.

If you’re trying to install through an older version of Magento Connect or on a site with multiple stores more information can be found on the extensions official page.